oh shit guys i’m on trial

I vote “Not guilty by reason of intelligent rebuttal”

So let me get this straight. They’re trying to rebrand their phrase that implicitly means everything the government provides as a limited scope of what the government provides? Call the specifics out and discuss the topics or get off the pot. I definitely don’t have patience for idiocy like this, nor should any one else. Raise the bar. This OP is just trying to derail debate by being pedantic about linguistic constructs others of their ideology were foolish enough to choose.


 “Student loans are destroying the imagination of youth. If there’s a way of a society committing mass suicide, what better way than to take all the youngest, most energetic, creative, joyous people in your society and saddle them with, like $50,000 of debt so they have to be slaves? There goes your music. There goes your culture. There goes everything new that would pop out. And in a way, this is what’s happened to our society. We’re a society that has lost any ability to incorporate the interesting, creative and eccentric people.” ~David Graeber

Take back the Night

So I’m here without anyone, and it’s before the programming. Sitting out in the courtyard of the venue, I’m struck by the kids playing in the grass. There’s a group on three boy and a group of three girls. Already in these youngest who couldn’t be older than 10, there’s evidence of gendered socialization in the way they play.

The girls were running and chasing in circles when I arrived, and only the youngest (perhaps 3) doing any sort of direct physical play with futile (only because she’s 3) swings of hands and feet, while her elders are preferring herding, and social status play (something involving sprinkled something-or-other).

The boys, by contrast, were involved in a direct conflict play-fighting, involving punches, kicks, posturing, and defenses.

Isn’t it interesting that there seems to be a transition the girls went through after 3, where they veered from the way the boys were playing? Why are we doing this? Where are we either are succeeding in moving girls out of physical play, or we are failing to move boys into social play? Can we, as parents, isolate the answer within ourselves? Can we stop treating the boys as if they’re wild animals and encourage growth in social play?

Maybe these aren’t the exact right questions, but it’s obvious to me that glorifying physical dominance when they are young leads the boys to continue to structure their play around physical activity almost exclusively. Start early.

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